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Things to Remember When You Plan An Event.

When you are planning an event, the following questions are things your client should be asking himself/herself. The following questions will help you to create your event vision, determine what areas are most important to your client and guide you…

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Children at Your Event

If children will be attending your event there are some wonderful properties that seem to be designed just for them. Hiring the right entertainment for a Child’s birthday party, a summer kid’s event, a block party, a school assembly or…

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Planning Timeline

FROM 3 MONTHS OUT, OR AT TIME OF BOOKING • Determine the objective of the meeting and develop the program and budget. • Book meeting site and support services. (Check calendar of local events to avoid conflicting or inappropriate dates.)…

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Initial Event Planning

Designing and producing an event—whether it be a meeting, corporate event, fund-raising gala, conference, convention, incentive or other special event—has been compared to directing a movie, but is actually more like a live stage production. It is a high-wire act…

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