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20 Jul
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9 Abuja Venues You Didn’t Know You Could Hire

Getaways and corporate events can be made memorable by fixing the occasion in one of Abuja’s most unusual venues. Making plans for an away day for your team? Then we’ve got you!

From iconic scenery to recreation facilities, here are 9 incredible venues in the city of Abuja that we’re sure you didn’t know you could hire. No more excuses, right? Give your event an exclusive glamour.

1.  Acropolis Park


With Acropolis Park, iconic is an understatement. Built in the 17th century, the park brings the feeling of being in an archaic monument. The rocky features, hills, and Greek-inspired buildings equal magnificent! The beautiful landscape and amazing architectural outlay make a grand scenery for your events. No doubt to get away with grand pictures, because the picturesque itself is a grand story. Interestingly, it is open to hire for private events!

The park has different spaces which are suitable for any type of occasion, from corporate dinners to award galas and especially, weddings. Your weddings will shine through in Acropolis! The venue is furnished with ancient and attractive highlights that make a perfect shot for private dining.  The ancient-looking huts with raffle tops suit your evening picnics and team bonding. It’s safe to say that the potentials of the park are yet to be fully harnessed because it is such a haven!

Location: Apo Resettlement

Capacity: 56 attendees

Source: Opeyemi’s Diary

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 2. Millenium Park

Looking for an event venue with enough space to complement the wonders of nature? Opened in 2003, Millenium Park is an old but gold venue for your outdoor events, with ample space for you and your guests. Its green, serene, and beautiful scenery is perfect for any type of event. Sitting on 20,000 square meters of land on over 80 acres of land coupled with the beauty it embodies and the serenity it exudes, the Park is unarguably the most beautiful and biggest public park in Abuja.

Maybe you’re planning a birthday party, office get-together, picnic, birthday, or wedding, and the outdoor space has something to offer each of your guests. The lush trees and green areas, accompanied by the sound of the rushing water from the fountain, provide a perfect breath of mother earth. Want an away day with your team where the children can come along, the space has a special fun site for children activities of different age brackets, while you have fun yourself. You do not need to fret, there are security operatives everywhere!

Want to have a swell time? Accommodation is the last challenge here.  Millenium Park is located at the center of the city, with good proximity to high-star hotels like Barcelona!

Location: Maitama

Capacity: 1,000 – 2000 attendees

Source: Getty Images

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3. Ventures Park

Sometimes, the best venues, especially workspaces are situated in the places we least expect. Embellished with works of art, Ventures Park comes with an array of possibilities, from its breathtaking exterior to its wonderful interior spaces! Sweet to share that the entire space is open for private hiring!

For your corporate events, conferences, and business meetings, Ventures Park is a great choice. Although mostly known for providing co-working options, the event spaces provide a relaxed atmosphere for your boot camps and social events. It is a unique location for corporate parties. You can watch your event transition from a conference to a cocktail party! The workspaces are properly equipped with high-speed internet, ultra office desks, and gym services.

Location: Wuse II

Capacity: 100 – 200 attendees

Source: Coworker

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4. Rabby Recreation Park

Rabby Creation Park is a fantastic location that should be top on the priority list for any sports lover. At the venue, you have several spaces to choose from, starting from a sizeable football pitch to a tennis court, basketball court, golf pitch, volleyball court, and a gymnasium. It also has a mini zoo and recreation facilities for children.

With its amazing scenery and event center, the venue would be perfect for family getaways, birthday hangouts, picnics, and any other event. Your function can easily move from a picnic to a sport session and then a cocktail party!

Location: Paradise Estate Road, Dape District

Capacity: 500 – 1,000 attendees


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5. Central Park

If your wish is to pull out the stops as it pertains to impressing your guests, why not bring your big day to Central Park, Abuja?! With numerous fascinating sights and good space, there is enough energy throughout the event.

Although mostly known for its public park activities, the venue has different event spaces and packages for your private events. The most fascinating fact about this space is that each space suits uniquely a particular type of event. While the Love Garden and Secret Garden are nature-sweet for private events like proposals and bridal showers, The Open Area and White Fountain Garden are ideal for weddings. Other exciting event venues include the Vitality Central Park

However, whether it’s a birthday party, office getaway, or family reunion, the park offers spectacular activities for everyone. From an intense playground to a go-kart, water park, slides, pool, to a cycle trail, the day can only get sweeter! It also has two restaurants that make provisions for amazing food, drink, and music. Central Park is an endless adventure you should explore!

Location: Garki I

Capacity: 150 – 1500 attendees

Source: Hotels. ng

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6. Tobix Recreational Park And Garden

Built in 2012, Tobix Recreational has grown to become a reputable venue. With a chic environment featuring tranquilizing vegetation, flowers, palms, lawns, walkways, waterfall, it is a major location for individuals who love outdoor events. It has been a major venue for many celebrity-hosted events.

Although exclusively known for its bar, grill, sports, and recreation, it is a perfect venue for your next team hangout, picnic, birthday party, white wedding, and retreat. With a playground for children and a perfect relaxation spot for adults, everyone can savor the moment!

Location: Banex-Gwarinpa Express Road

Capacity: 3,500

Source: Dream Africa

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7. BMT African Garden

BMT African Garden is the perfect venue for an event curated with adventures. The intellectual space of this venue is unimaginable! From the breathtaking parks to the swimming pool, in-house train, playground, football pitch, zoo, to its event center, it’s going to be a moment of memories!
The landscape, scenery, and furnishings are just perfect!

At this venue, weddings, corporate events, meetings, seminars, picnics, and hangouts can never go wrong. Sitting on 1.5 acres of land, the space is simply unique! You can watch your event transition from a conference into a playtime and finally cap it off with a dinner! It has a beautiful eatery space for your desired meals.

Location: Wuse

Capacity: 300 – 500 attendees 

Source: Twitter

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8. Calypso Park

Situated in an environment with lush trees and green vegetation, Calypso Park is a great location for outdoor events. Sweet enough, it is entirely open to hire for private events!

With enough space, a playground for kids, and sports facilities, you can consider Calypso for your office fun events, carnivals, getaways, birthdays, team meetings, and outdoor weddings. It has a marquee in addition to the open area, so you have a choice! Don’t want to worry about reception when hanging out with family, friends, or colleagues? Some vendors cater to food and drinks!

Location: Wuse II

Capacity: 10,000- 22,000 attendees 

Source: Calypso Park Web

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9. Palme D’or Garden

Looking for a perfect place for your intimate events? You have it! Palme D’or Garden is a beautiful, neat, and refreshing scenery that is just perfect for any outdoor event. Garden weddings here are usually a fortress to behold. Though popularly known for its exquisite and flowery ambiance, you wouldn’t believe the space available in this area.

Corporate meetings here are a YES because of the serenity. It cultures well-maintained gardens that are attractively divided into different sections for different possible private gatherings and a large parking space that is large enough for every guest.

To add, Palme D’or Garden is located in a central part of the city, with encouraging access to some other places. Security is tight and that wouldn’t be a point of concern!

Location: Garki

Capacity: 500 attendees

Source: Facebook

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What’s your choice? It doesn’t matter the event you want you to want to pull up, this list has a venue that’s just right for you!