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08 Mar
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Things to Remember When You Plan An Event.

When you are planning an event, the following questions are things your client should be asking himself/herself. The following questions will help you to create your event vision, determine what areas are most important to your client and guide you through budget considerations that you need to reflect on. The questionnaire opens the door to discussion with your client, which will lead you into decision-making and determining what matters most to them and how it all fits into their event budget.

‡1. Event Date

What year do I see the event taking place? »

What time of year (season) do I visualize the event being held in?  »

How much event planning time will that give me? »

What day of the week do I want our event to take place on? »

What time of day would be my preference to have our event start? »

Would the time of year, the month, date or time affect attendance?  »

‡2. VIPs

What VIPs will be part of our event? (This could mean adding in expenses for suites, limousines, etc., as a must-have budget inclusion.)  »

‡3. Event Guests

How many guests do I visualize attending the event? »

Will attendees be invited to bring a guest? »

What is the age range of the guests we will be inviting? »

Do I see children being invited to our event? »

Would any guests have any special needs, such as handicap accessibility?  »

Would any of the guests I would like to have at our event have to come in from out of town, state or country? »

Would we be required to host out-of-town guests and entertain them pre, post and during the event? »

‡4. Invitations

Am I open to invitation styles or do I have something particular in mind? »

‡5. Event

Where do I see our event taking place? »

Is the event taking place indoors or outdoors? »

Do I see our event being a formal, festive or informal event?  »

What do I see the event participants wearing? »

Where is the event location in relation to where guests live? »

‡6. Event Decor

As the guests are arriving at the event, what do I envision they will see from the moment they arrive until they are seated? And will anything change as the event progresses?  »

‡7. Event Music

What do I envision event guests will be listening to on arrival and during the event? (This will help you determine space requirements, e.g., do you need to accommodate a band setup, etc.?)  »

‡8. Event Lighting

What ambiance does the lighting project?  »

What mood do I want the room to convey? »

How will the event stage be, videos or event webcast? »

‡9. Event Arrival

How do I see the guests arriving at the event?  »

Will they be making their own way there or have drivers assigned to them?  »

Will they come by limousine or other transportation mode?  »

‡10. Event Photographs

Will we be having professional photographs, videos or a live event webcast of our event? »

Who will be taking the event photographs, videos or event webcast? »

What backdrop would I like to see in my event photographs? »

‡12. Event Show Flow

What would be of utmost importance to me to have in our event? »

How do I see the event unfolding? »

How long do I see the event taking from beginning to end? »

‡13. Event Room Requirements

How do I see the room being laid out? »

Will it be a stand-up event with scattered seating? »

Will it be a sit-down affair with table seating for all guests? »

If we are including dinner, will seating be open or will we be having set seating/seating chart?  »

Will there be food stations or buffet setups, or will food be passed or plated?  »

Will bars be set up in the room or will beverages be served by wait staff?  »

Will a stage be required for speeches, the musicians, the DJ or the entertainment?  »

Will there be dancing? »

Will there be any audio visual requirements, such as rear-screen projection, plasma screens, etc., that need to be factored into the room size requirements?  »

‡14. Event Audio-visual

Will there be speeches? »

Will a podium or microphones be required? »

Will we have any audio-visual requirements? »

‡15. Event Food and Beverage

What type of beverages will we be serving? »

Will it be a hosted bar or cash bar? »

What type of food do I see being served at our event? »

‡16. Event Departure

Will there be any special fanfare as we depart, or a grand finale? »

‡17. Pre Event and Post Event

What pre- and post-move in, setup, rehearsal, day of, tear down and move out expenses and space requirements do I need to factor in?  » is the most convenient on-line venue-finding directory, connecting people with the best event venues around them for exclusive hire. We specialize in listing event spaces within Nigeria.
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