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20 Jul
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7 Super Snazzy Venues For The Ultimate Office Party In Lagos

Every great party starts with the choice of venue. Why stick to the usual talk over lunch while snacking and sipping juice, when you can explore more relaxing and stylish spaces? Your office party can go beyond the regular office face, fuzz, and buzz. 

Tired of the norm and want to try out something different at your next office function? Check out 7 of our favorite venues that will satisfy that exact party feeling and engagements you want. What kind of atmosphere are you picturing? One with simplicity and class? Or groovy vibes and exciting activities? You’ll find it just right here!

1. Wakame Asian Kitchen & Grill Restaurant


For a simple office function that’s set up to bring the teams back together, Wakame Restaurant provides amazing scenery with stylish interior and exterior spaces that would satisfy everyone’s fancy. You can begin your experience with the stunning outdoor sitting area that’s perfect with a unique menu while feeding your eyes with unique recipes of Asian traditional cooking styles from the semi-open kitchen area.

The sofas here speak class and you don’t want to miss out on having a feel.

Party the night away at the attractive lounge with cool lights that complement the contemporary mosaic design. Savor the moment with a range of soothing cocktails plus some entertaining music from the DJ booth. From here, you can only be sure the night will end well. This space gives the sophisticated office party you imagined!

Location: Ikeja GRA

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2. Terra Kulture

Like to give your office party a historic feeling? Terra Kulture launches guests into that. With exhilarating art exhibitions, plays, and different book readings, this unique space complements your office party with a tourist vibe. While it gives room for socializing, guests can also enjoy the fascinating scenery with artifacts on display.

Suiting a sit-down reception with a culinary adventure focusing on rich Nigerian cuisine, Terra Kulture’s possibility of hosting a unique and intriguing office party experience is endless. With amazing stage plays and dance, a captivating art gallery, and a fascinating bookstore, the venue gives enough room for a historic evening among the arts, culture, and history. 

The ambiance is the number one uniqueness! Lots of traditional furniture and scenery.

Location: Victoria Island

Capacity: 400 reception; 200 dining

Source: Terra Kulture Web

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3. De-Bull Restaurant


Maybe you want to host a party that’s designed to reunite and bond with office colleagues from other branches in the country, then De-Bull Restaurant is a great choice! Located just right inside the airport, it has different fascinating rooms that are fancy enough to satisfy everyone. The architectural design is simply unique and beautiful; from a relaxing outdoor sitting area to private dining, a gym, a coffee shop, a bar, and a poolside. 

The restaurant has a private dining area that suits your office party and treats guests to international cuisines at any time of the day, while they watch private jets take off right outside the glass house. The décor is simple but unique for sophisticated dinners. You can enjoy the evening at the poolside or bar before retiring for the evening. The exotic rooms are enough for an endless night experience!

Location: Ikeja

Capacity: 50 dining; 100 standing

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4. The Sky Restaurant

Thinking of location and finesse? The Sky Restaurant is a place for your team. The beautiful architecture complements its superb location. Located at the highest penthouse of the Eko Hotel, it is arguably the tallest restaurant in the city of Lagos. Without a doubt, an office party in this space suits the perfect choice of party with an admirable view of the Atlantic Ocean, and the city itself! 

The dining area treats guests to an exquisite setup in a glass house with natural lights embellishing the exotic décor and a beautiful dining arrangement that entertains unique Asian cuisines from a special chef. The space on the exterior gives room for guests to walk around and socialize while still savoring the unique view and sipping cocktails.

Location: Victoria Island

Capacity: 130 dining

Source: Hotels.Ng

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5. Rufus And Bee

Want to turn off the heat at work? Rufus Bee is the coolest place to be! Ever wanted to try out bowling and video arcade games? You have it all and more here! With over 100 games beautifully set up in different sections, the party is about to turn out endless! From the bowling lanes to snooker games, a sports bar, and an American  Tex-Mex Restaurant, you are not ready!

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro at any of these games, with a huge capacity, a corporate party at this venue guarantees entertainment for all in attendance. Be ready to have a smooth gaming experience coupled with nice food and cocktails. What are you waiting for? You asked for a venue with great activities and here you go!

Location: Lekki

Capacity: 400 reception


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6. Kuramos Sports Café

Looking for an actively engaging venue? At Kuramos Sports Café, you can enjoy a buffet experience while watching a game on one of the plasma screens at the venue. This is going to be a great experience for sports lovers as they take sides with their fans. With local and continental meals, the food experience is a BIG plus!

It also has an outdoor terrace that secures entertainment for everyone, by allowing guests to roam at leisure while having a great opportunity to chat and socialize. Your team can engage in a list of games for those who do not want to see television sports. A great bonding and exciting chance for everyone, yeah? Make your office party go down in exclusive history here!

Location: Victoria Island

Capacity: 100 dining

Source: Kuramos Web

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7. Cactus Restaurant

Wish to give your office some bit of ‘oomph’? The Cactus Restaurant outdoor seating area is a right shot! Located right on the ocean (Lagos Lagoon), in addition to the wonderful picturesque and great lightning, the venue is a pretty spectacular spot for a party! With the view just right, coupled with tantalizing food including regular and international cuisines, mouth-watering pastries, great drinks, and amazing customer service, you don’t want to miss an evening experience here. Incredibly, you’ll have a great time chatting over dessert because there is a special playground for kids. What more can be so exciting?!

The indoor area is unique with its quietness, comfortable seating, and classy artsy décor. With this venue, you can be guaranteed a nice time with your team who are going to be impressed! You don’t have business worrying about a parking space, the one here is large enough!

Location: Victoria Island

Capacity: 100 standing

Source: Cactus Web

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What would be your excuse for settling for a regular office party, when you can give your team a long-lasting experience in one of these incredible venues? This list surely has what you need!

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