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21 Jul
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7 Best Venues To Bring Your Team Back Together In Nigeria

Desire productivity in your team? Then you must be looking for a way to bring your team together! As much as teamwork is good, team building is key because it ensures that members of a team, beyond working together, practice seamless communication and collaboration through fun activities. In return, this spikes up the team’s productivity levels. These kinds of activities include gaming, adventuring, tourism, and group vacations.

Having a hard time choosing the best venue for your team? Worry no more! We have carefully curated a list of the best venues that will impress your team. Are you considering paintballing, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, board games, escape games, or a premium vacation? You’ll find it right here!

1. LaCampagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Looking for a venue that perfectly understands the assignment? Then you have it here! Beyond the lush and welcoming scenery, LaCampagne Tropicana Beach Resort is an African-themed beach resort in the city of Lagos that specifically offers Team Bonding Packages. No doubt your team would get away with communication skills, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills!

The activities here are carefully planned to ensure your team has a lifetime bonding experience! They range from the scavenger hunt, and board games, to the longest pool walks, tug of war, blindfold, warship, beach soccer, and a host of others! What more could be so exciting? The venue also offers classy reservation packages in case you’re opting for a staycation!

Location: Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

Capacity: 100 – 200 visitors

Source: Travel Waka

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2. Leisure Sports Paintball

 Maybe you want the team to experience a rush of adrenaline at a venue that offers a single spot-on activity, then Leisure Sports Paintball is just right for you!  Paintballing is an exciting activity and this venue does it just right. Located in the suburb of Lekki in Lagos State, it is arguably the best of its kind in the country. With the game being an outright competition, your team is sure to enhance their collaboration skills in the middle of a competitive spirit!

Want a team bonding event where you can see your team in the most unusual and hilarious form? You have the location! As an employee, imagine your boss and a colleague of yours shooting at each other, in some sort of armor, holding a play gun, and wearing a helmet. Thinking about refreshments? The team also gets to catch their breath after an action-packed day, with satisfying food and drinks from the tasty bar and grill. 

Location:  Lekki, Lagos

Capacity: 10 players at a time

Source: Leisure Sports WEB

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3. Obudu Mountain Resort

If your idea of team building is a splendid adventure, search no more! Obudu Mountain Resort also known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, is a leading tourist attraction in the whole of Africa! From the amazing picturesque view, and the flush of tranquility, to amazing activities, this is a place to be!  With this venue, your team is going to experience one of the best vacations in this mountain area.

The engagements here are sweet and soothing at the same time! Good enough to ease the pressure from the hustle and bustle of work life. From participating in the cable car ride, using the canopy walkway, to sightseeing the Obudu Plateau and grotto (waterfalls), horseback riding, and maybe joining in the mountain race, your team is surely going to have a swell time! 

Sweet to add that the venue has a luxurious reservation featuring clean and comfortable cabins, a pick-and-drop facility, a spa, a gym & fitness center, and an in-house restaurant that provides nice meals and drinks.

Location: Obudu Plateau, Cross River

Capacity: 250 reception

Source: Obudu WEB

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4. Escape Room 33

Maybe you’re fantasizing about a team bonding activity that is indoors, here you are! Escape Room 33 perfectly offers the best indoor engagements that would surely impress your team. Generally, Room Escape Games require teamwork, good leadership abilities, logic, and patience, so a visit to this venue trains your teams on these skills. 

The venue offers creative and team-oriented adventure rooms like Prison Break, Sherlock Holmes, and Ark Raider. The team gets bonded by solving puzzles, finding clues, and completing challenges. The highlight of that location is that beyond the excitement, the team gets to engage in intelligent and logical reasoning in a space of 1 hour!

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos

Capacity: 12 players/room

Source: Escape Room 33

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5. Lekki Conservation Center

Are you thinking about a tour experience accompanied by the sight of animals and a detty picnic in a relaxed environment? Your wish is done. Lekki Conservation Center is the number one getaway for a team that seeks a hiking and sightseeing experience. The venue features the longest canopy bridge in Africa that connotes a breathtaking view from the top. The walking experience gets chilled with nice music blaring from a speaker behind and fun games at some points in the hike with a pro lead in front.  

That’s not all. The experience at this venue can be peaked with exciting post-hike team bonding games like charades, board games, survivor, the common factor, and team-made puzzles, among others. These games enhance the team’s creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills. All of these always go down well with a nice picnic setting where team members feast on nibbles and cocktails while enjoying the fresh breeze! 

Location: Lekki, Lagos

Capacity: 100 – 200 visitors

Source: Lekki Conservation Center IG

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6. Tarkwa Bay

Looking at a beach hangout that’s fueled with excitement from start to finish? Here you are! Tarka Bay Beach is a popular beach in Lagos that promises a fun experience, always! With the experience starting from the journey into the venue with a boat ride, you can’t even imagine!  When you think of Tarkwa Bay, think about tranquility, excitement, and a feeling of escape! 

The main team bonding activity here is kayaking boat, and water skiing! Interestingly, you don’t have to be a professional; there is a team of experts that will show you the process and you can launch into the fun too! The team gets pumped while they watch each other engage in the boat races and release the tension from regular life through a burst of laughter that easily escapes the lungs. Other games that get the day going are sack race, egg race, blindfold, two truths, and a lie, board games, and even meditation sessions. All of these promote communication and a collaborative spirit in the team.

Location: Lekki, Lagos

Capacity: 1,000 visitors

Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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7.  Jara Beach Resort

 Want to give your team a premium group vacation experience? You have it. Jara Beach Resort is an exotic getaway on the Atlantic Ocean, for any team that seeks a kingly treat away from work and home. At this venue, the scenery is just right and the aesthetics are greatly complemented. The palm tree and beautiful outdoor setting are just so unique! The rooms are exquisitely furnished with king beds delivering comfort and class.  The reception is top-notch and daily, there are three full, carefully prepared meals and snacks, from local to international recipes, with each being a great treat!

Beyond the great reservation, the beach offers a special business retreat for corporate teams, with an expert team that helps make a list of activity schedules. There is a good provision for presentations, appraisals, and other carefully outlined team bonding activities. The team gets to enjoy outdoor games which include volleyball, badminton, and golf. You can choose to include personalized team games and enjoy a round sit by the fire pit after dinner. At this venue, you savor your experience just the way you want it!

Location: Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Capacity: 20 persons/day

 Source: Orbitz

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What’s your idea of team building? Our carefully curated list has what you’re looking for. Go ahead and give your team that unique experience!