Best Event Venues in Nigeria

23 Jul
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Welcome to Enugu, the heart of Igboland, a region rich in cultural heritage and vibrant traditions. This enchanting city offers everything you need to create unforgettable memories at your next event. From its stable power supply to its moderate weather conditions, thriving economy, tight security, and warm hospitality of its residents, Enugu is the perfect destination for hosting your special occasion.

However, selecting the right venue is crucial, as it can make or break your event. We understand the importance of finding the perfect space, and that’s why has meticulously curated a list of the top 10 event venues in Enugu. Our selection ensures that you have access to the finest locations available for booking and renting, whether you’re planning a dream wedding, a corporate conference, a memorable birthday party, or an electrifying concert.

So, please take a moment to relax and explore our handpicked collection of event venues. Each one offers a unique ambiance, exceptional service, and the flexibility to cater to your needs. With our help, you can confidently plan your event, knowing that you have chosen the perfect venue to impress your guests and create cherished memories. Join us as we unveil the best Enugu has to offer. Cheers to an extraordinary event! 

1. De Dome Event Center

Image source: De Dome

The De Dome Event Center is where everyone would like to hold a world-class event because it is a unique location for a ceremony and reception. They provide avenues for any setting of event you might imagine, such as a traditional wedding, a music concert, a seminar, a birthday celebration, and so on.

De Dome features one-of-a-kind and extraordinary facilities to ensure that your event leaves a memorable impression on your guests. How? De Dome features a modern hall with a standard sound system, projector, and appropriate lighting to ensure you don’t injure your hearing or eyes. Their parking lot can accommodate more than 150 cars, with the confidence that any item you bring will be found. 

The rooms and halls of De Dome are all fully air-conditioned, and changing rooms are accessible. You won’t have to worry about power outages because they have a generator that runs 24 hours a day. Interesting? Check it out today.

Capacity: more than 1500 guests

Location: Independence Layout, Enugu.

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2. Oaklands Event Center

Image Source: Oakland

The Oakland Event Center rooms epitomise elegance, awe, and splendour—a genuine sense of well-being and joy. No site could provide more fun than its ever-intriguing park, including rides such as the Pirate Ship and the Zampala roller coaster. Their air-conditioned halls are suitable for weddings, conferences, seminars, and other events, and they have HSE-certified tilling and multimedia. A well-kept and well-maintained swimming pool is also provided, giving you a pampered sense and serving as a great spot to cool off and have wonderful times.

The buildings and ambiance of the hotel are those of international standard; paved alleyways, stone fountains, and traditional mosaics, as well as areas of gardens with homegrown flowers and trees. The complex has an outdoor pool, pool snack bar, rest areas, a children’s playground, free WiFi, and a large parking lot. Oaklands Hotel also has rooms suitable for guests with disabilities and offers a buffet breakfast with a 24-hour kitchen operation operated by professional chefs. They provide 24-hour surveillance CCTV, the Nigerian Police Force is on standby, and their security team is ever ready to keep you safe. 

Oakland Hotel is “a home away from home” and the Pearl of the East. 

Capacity: 700 guests

Location: 2 Tunnel Crossing, Ogui Link Road, Beside Elim Plaza, Enugu, Nigeria.

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3. Blue Island Hotel and Event Center

Image source: Blue Island

The Blue Island Hotel & Event Center is a cutting-edge hospitality establishment with luxury suites and a meeting centre. It has left an unforgettable impression of hospitality and stunning beauty as it stands majestically along the famous Independence Avenue (Bisalla Road).

Blue Island benefits from its closeness to sites such as the Enugu State Government House, the Enugu State House of Assembly Complex, the Federal and State Government Secretariats, and the Akanu Ibiam Airport in Enugu.

Their facilities are first-rate. Should we mention their parking lot, which can accommodate up to 300 cars, luggage storage for guests, a fully air-conditioned hall with a standard generator that runs 24 hours a day, free WiFi, adequate security, or their impeccable guest service culture, which aims to treat every guest like royalty? Blue Island is a low-cost option for your conference or seminar.

Capacity: Above 1000 guests

Location: 12 Independence Ave, Independence Layout 400102, Enugu.

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4. The Base Landmark Event Center

Image source: Base Landmark

When you visit The Base, the first thing that will come to mind is, “Wow!” So, a venue like this exists in Enugu!” Yeah! That demonstrates how spectacular this event space is. The Base Landmark is spacious and has a large parking lot. 

The passionate sense of blue and the energetic feeling of green give the surroundings a pleasant and tranquil appearance. Are you planning on hosting a grand traditional event, conference, concert, or seminar? This venue has everything for them. This event location is also ideal for a birthday celebration, especially for children, because it has the best facilities for their age.

The Base’s extensive facilities will captivate everyone. Their pool is spotless, moderately deep, and well-kept. Their event hall features a large LED screen on the stage, ideal for award ceremonies and other events requiring a visual aid and a conventional sound system. They have a catering service that serves both local and foreign dishes. The Base also has a winery, laundry room, boutique, spa, and executive lounge. And any event can be held at the location.

Capacity: Up to 1000 guests

Location: 7/8 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria. 

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5. Ingrace Event Center

Image source: Ingrace

An event held at the Ingrace Event Center is held in the planet’s most beautiful section. Ingrace Event Center delivers world-class facilities and event planning services to help you make your event a success. The event centre seat at the Independence Layout Enugu, where every moment at this location leaves you with a lasting recollection.

Ingrace Event Center offers outdoor catering and banquet services, and you may also use their garden pavilion for outside events such as wedding receptions and parties. The theatre has advanced amenities, 24-hour power, fully air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi, and adequate security.

Capacity: Above 1000 guests

Location: Independence Layout, Enugu.

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6. Vee-Ai-Pee Event Center

Image source: Vee-Ai-Pee

The Vee-Ai-Pee Event Center is where unforgettable experiences are created. It is mainly intended to cater to all types of gatherings. The Facility finished exceedingly high and can handle many events and layouts, whether you are having a corporate conference, a fantasy wedding, or an international performance.

Vee-Ai-Pee Event Centre in Enugu is one of the most fabulous and quiet event venues where you may hold your event. Their Facility is second to none. They offer a well-equipped hall with ample space for a banquet, conference, seminar, concert, birthday celebration, traditional wedding event, and many more. They also offer 40 car spaces inside as well as roadside parking. Storage rooms are also available for souvenirs and drinks. On standby is a generator that supplies power 24/7.

Capacity: About 500 guests

Location: New Haven, Enugu, Nigeria.

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7. Summerhill Place Event Center

Image source: Summerhill

Summerhill Place Event Center provides the best event centre, wedding reception location, bridal shower, comfy bar, and modernly equipped conference space. As the saying goes, “the perfect event is always perfectly planned.” Summer Hill will take care of your order to ensure the success of your event. 

Summerhill Place’s wedding reception hall includes:

  • Private bride and groom suites.
  • A dance floor.
  • High-tech dance lighting.
  • Disco balls.
  • Chiffon-draping backlit lighting.
  • A state-of-the-art sound system.
  • Professional performance stages.
  • The conference hall has digital video projection panels and cameras with closed-circuit television functionality.

 Summerhill Place also offers catering services such as dinners, buffets, family-style or butler-pass appetisers from both local and international or gratis meals, with the ability to build menus based on your preferences. Two of their reviews stated, “Summerhill Place is so amazing; the halls are big and very spacious for guests.” and “The staff at Summerhill Place are very professional; they serve all your needs.”

Capacity: Up to 1000 guests

Location: 20 Premier Layout, Enugu, Nigeria.

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8. Villa Toscana Event Center

Image source: Villa Toscana

The Villa Toscana Center has everything about making your grand event memorable. With professional and competent staff to attend to your needs on time, modern and standard facilities to enrich the atmosphere of your event, and a catering service that offers the best foreign and local dishes.

The halls are well maintained and air-conditioned, with a large hall that can occupy more than 800 guests in banquet style and about 1200 guests in conference style, a spacious parking lot, enough seats and tables, and a 24-hour power supply. 

Capacity: About 1300 guests

Location: 1 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout, Enugu.

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9. Destiny Event Center

Image source: Destiny Event

The Destiny Event Center is a stunning structure that can accommodate business seminars and conferences, birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, baby dedications, and other events. 

The cutting-edge Facility is conveniently located and outfitted with three fully air-conditioned halls (capacity: 1,000, 550, and 300), ample parking space, a waiting area for couples, and relaxing amenities. 

In a centrally located tranquil location, the event venue features fully air-conditioned, attractive, big halls equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment and 24-hour security.

Capacity: About 1500 guests

Location: No 45c Nza Street, by New Haven Link Road, independent layout Enugu, Nigeria.

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10. Ibrahim Idris Event Center

Image source: Ibrahim Idris

The Ibrahim Idris Event Center provides a vibrant and elegant state-of-the-art event centre for weddings, concerts, conferences, parties, worship activities, receptions, and other special occasions. The Ibrahim Idris Event Center stands out as a leading full-vendor package venue in the heart of Enugu.

The Facility is an opulent, fully air-conditioned marquee. It has a pleasant atmosphere in an extraordinary world-class setting. 

Capacity: Up to 1200 guests

Location: 114 Agbani Rd, Achara 400105, Enugu.

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Enugu is a treasure trove of remarkable event venues that will elevate your special occasions. With our carefully curated selection, you can rest assured that your event will be a resounding success. Choose from enchanting outdoor settings and elegant indoor spaces, and let your imagination soar. Trust to make your event unforgettable. Book your dream venue in Enugu today!